Grand Rapids (Toledo Area) & Fremont

Miami and Erie Canal Towpath

This 8 mile dirt, and stone path may be a bit rougher than the other trails listed on this website. A short portion may even be posted, requiring one to walk one’s bike, however the historical significance, and the canal boat ride through a working lock make up for the inconvenience. The trail runs from Farnworth to just west of Grand Rapids at Providence Metropark.

In a 1988 issue of “Ohio” Magazine, Metroparks advertised free admission into the water powered mill, and canal boat rides as $4. for adults, and $2. for children ages 3-12 years. (Located on the west side of the river next to Grand Rapids, Ohio)

North Coast Inland Trail: Fremont – Clyde Section

As of Fall 2008, this paved section of North Coast Inland Trail is eight miles in length. The west trail head is one block west of S. Front St. at Hayes and Park in Fremont’s southern downtown west of the river. The east trail head is in downtown Clyde between Main and Maple. A convenient access street is Amanda.

As portrayed on the map link below, within Fremont both Rodger Young Park on S. Front Street, and Bigg – Kettner Park on St. Joseph Street have easy access to the trail along with vehicle parking.

The view from the former rail bridge overlooking the Sandusky River near the western end of the trail is considered one of the highlights of the trail.