New Bremen Ohio Canal History: Lock 2 North

The brick buildings of Lock 2

A community originally known as “New Paris”, seem frozen in time, little changed over the years..

The building on the left was built in 1892 to replace the original “Garmhausen” store after it was destroyed by an explosion. The proprietor of these stores made trips to New York to bring back the latest fashion clothing.

The middle brick building was the “Last Hotel,” built in 1857 at a cost of $1325. The front room later served as a saloon with a dance hall on the second floor.

The far building on the right was “The Lock Two Grain & Milling Company,” a replacement after the original burned in 1903. The mill was originally powered by a water wheel but later replaced by a steam boiler. Steps attached to a multi-story belt within the building served as an elevator for workers

In the early 1900’s some locals were given permission to dismantle wooden lock two, which provided a two year supply of firewood.

Pictured below are the iron anchors, along the west bank of lock 2, that held wooden Lock 2 in place.