St. Marys Ohio

About St. Marys Ohio

St. Marys Ohio history within the Memorial Park of downtown St. Marys, Ohio can be equated to an outdoor museum featuring Miami and Erie Canal Ohio History.

This jewel of civil engineering emphasizes the actual historic structures blended with the modern beauty of one of Ohio’s most appealing municipal parks. Condensed within a two or three blocks in downtown St. Marys Ohio, are the Miami and Erie Canal lock 13N, a grist mill, buildings designed to load merchandise from the canal, and a full size canal boat open to self guided tours during much of the year.

Also included is a covered bridge over the St. Marys river, the waterway which provides drainage to the area. Within this same city block of St Marys Ohio, is the Miami and Erie Canal at a mid-elevation, along with a third waterway at the highest elevation called the “Hydraulic”.