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What is not covered in my Ohio homeowners insurance policy?

You may think that your Ohio homeowners insurance policy will protect your home from any type of damage, however, there are many different hazards that a standard home insurance policy does not protect. It is essential that you understand what your home insurance policy does not cover. That way you can avoid confusion when the time to file a claim comes.

OH homeowners insurance is required to purchase with a mortgage. However, you may not know all the details that surround a policy. Are you sure that you really know the fine points of your home insurance policy in Ohio? Let’s discuss what is not covered in an Ohio home insurance policy.

What isn’t covered by a basic policy?

Earthquakes – The first peril that isn’t covered by a home insurance policy is earthquakes. If you want coverage for this, you will need to purchase a completely separate policy.

Flooding of home – The next thing that will not be covered by your policy is flooding. Most homeowners insurance policies in OH are not covered against flooding.  Floods are actually excluded from every policy.

Mold growth – Some homeowners insurance policies will cover mold. Usually, if your policy covers mold, there is some sort of catch associated with it.

Sewer Backups– Sewer backups are also not covered by an online oh home policy. The damage that’s caused will not be assessed by homeowners insurance.

Sinkholes – This falls into the same category as earthquakes and floods. Never depend on your insurance provider to cover the losses of a sinkhole.

Termite damages – Termites are small and they can cause a lot of damage. It’s even worse when they become unnoticed for so long. The devastation can only be avoided if you keep up with pest control.

Who would’ve thought that any of these aren’t covered in an Ohio homeowners insurance policy?  Always remember that these factors are not covered by your policy. If you need any of these things covered, you may try to research and see if you can purchase extra coverage, in order to protect you and your home.

Also by knowing what isn’t covered in your policy, you will be able to confidently file your claims successfully. Many people do not even realize certain perils aren’t covered until it’s too late. Don’t let that be you.